Case Study 2

The ‘Kalyanakuri’ | Themed Invitation Card/Calendar

Kerala wedding ceremonies are known to be concise and have fewer rituals when compared to other traditional Indian weddings. The client, Anoop Venugopalan, wanted the minimalism and simplicity of the ceremony to be echoed in the invitation card. ‘Kalyanakuri’ is the Malayalam word for a wedding invite. The design celebrated the accessories and implements used in the rituals in a minimalist design, to match and celebrate the simple beauty of a traditional ceremony.

The invitation was envisioned as a table-top calendar format. Each page featured a hand-drawn illustration (converted to quadtones for printing) and copy about one element of the Malayalee wedding – the traditional lamp, Kerala jewellery, the coconut etc. Grey, silver and the traditionally significant vermillion red were the dominant colours of the piece. The recurring motif through the piece were raised embossing of single or more vivid red sprigs from the Ixora coccinea, or ‘Chethi’ flower – important in worship and abundantly grown in Kerala.Micro-embossing, a combination of English and Malayalam fonts in the construction of words, silver foil-embossing, and silver metallic-wiro are the other embellishments to the piece. The card was enclosed in a thick paper box with foiling that ensured protection during transportation.

Finally, aside from being an invitation to a wedding in the client’s family across the opening 3 pages, additional pages also doubled as a calendar – starting from April, the first month of the Malayalee new year. This made the piece a year-long keepsake and a reminder of the celebration.

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